SEL University

In August 2015 Tech West Power traveled to Pullman Washington State as a part of its ongoing commitment to training, excellence and knowledge.

PROT 301: Protecting Power Systems for Technicians was an excellent course consisting of the following topics:

  • Power System Basics
  • Electrical Equipment Damage
  • Power System Balanced Faults
  • Introduction to Symmetrical Components
  • Power System Unbalanced Faults
  • Relaying Fundamentals
  • Instrument Transformers: CTs and VTs
  • Protective Relay Design
  • Introduction to Line Overcurrent Protection
  • Coordination of Overcurrent Protection in Radial Systems
  • Line Directional Overcurrent Protection
  • Transformer Overcurrent and Mechanical Protection
  • Transformer Differential Protection
  • Bus Protection
  • Transmission Line Distance Protection Concepts
  • Transmission Line Distance Protection Issues
  • Line Pilot Protection
  • System Aspects of Protection
  • Symmetrical Components Sequences
  • Criteria to Avoid CT Saturation
  • Philosophy for Feeder Overcurrent Relay Settings
  • Philosophy for Distance Element Fault Detector Settings
  • Coordination Between Fuses
  • Additional Resources
  • ANSI Device Codes