Current Projects

Wheatstone Downstream – Schneider Electric

Currently we are proud to be working with Schneider Electric on the Wheatstone Downstream Project. This has seen our team broaden our skills working on one of Australia’s largest oil and gas ventures. Working on all varieties of SEL relays, Schneider and Comeca switchgear/secondary equipment on voltage levels ranging from 110V to 11kV. We have forged a strong relationship testing and commissioning all aspects of the project located at the Henderson AMC complex. Key roles include IEC61850 Automatic Transfer Scheme (ATS) testing, Chevron/Bechtel Client witness testing (FAT), Line Differential and  Transformer protection scheme testing as well as Feeder protection schemes and SCADA/PMS testing.


Horizon Power and GHD

We have been working with GHD and built an excellent rapport with Horizon Power working on ongoing various assets across Western Australia. Some areas include Port Hedland and Kununurra working on Secondary protection equipment, SCADA systems and transformers.  We have mobilised for scheduled upgrade work and urgent fault investigations.


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Recent Projects

Our recent strategy has seen us branching out to become a reliable technical resource to some of Australia’s largest key companies. While providing continuing support to Western Power we have recently also commissioned various other key projects throughout Western Australia including but not limited to the following list:

Wheatstone Alstom 132kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

Working alongside Alstom Engineers, we have completed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) on the Alstom 132kV Gas Insulated Switchgear located in Henderson AMC. The 8 Bay/Diameter 132kV Double-Busbar, Breaker and a Half Gas Insulated Switchgear is integral to the Chevron / Bechtel Wheatstone Project. Tasks included but were not limited to; Instrument Transformer Testing, Protection Relay Testing, Scheme Functionality and Circuit Breaker Tripping, 400V LV Auto Transfer Scheme (ATS) Functionality, SF6 Pressure Monitoring / Calibration and Auxiliary Transformer Testing. Performing pre-commissioning tasks across all equipment with voltages ranging from 132kV to 400V gave us an excellent understanding of the overall plant. It was greatly rewarding to be involved with a project of this scale and complexity.


South Hedland Terminal

Contracting to Alstom to carry out pre-commissioning of South Hedland Terminal.A 220kV double bus 13 bay switchyard built as part of the South Hedland Power Precinct 67 MW Power Station. Testing and commissioning of primary and secondary circuits consisting of but not limited to Alstom CT’s, VT’s, CB’s, 3 x Step up 220/11kV 60MVA power transformers and relay types GE L90, B90, T60; SEL 411L, 787E, 751; MR Tapcon 240; Alstom P123.


South Hedland Power Precinct

Providing Horizon Power a assistant commissioning manager on the 67 MW Power Station establishment. We also carried out end to end protection testing for the 220kV line cutin to South Hedland Terminal as part of a We coordinated team at Cape Lambert, South Hedland and Port Hedland Terminal substations. Worked with Alstom and Forge assisting with SCADA testing and witnessing on this fast tracked project.


South Hedland Power Station

Working with Forge (EPCM) we carried out the 11kV Schneider Pix Switchgear testing and commissioning under the secondary systems commissioning manager. Carried out all integration testing between the Forge 11kV switchroom and the Alstom 220kV yard, the 415V balance of plant and the GE TM 2500 gas turbines.


Ongoing Support

Contracting to Western Power we have commissioned various 6.6kV to 330kV transmission/distribution projects throughout Western Australia. Focusing on an ongoing asset replacement program Tech West has completed a number of strategic high profile commissioning projects. With complex system restrictions, major customers, extreme weather and legislated technical rules our technicians have been tasked with many challenges that we have excelled in. We also surpass all expectations with our pro-active attitude to get the job done safely and return plant to service on time to reduce outage times, fulfilling Western Power’s customers expectations. Our technicians have been involved in a range of complex and diverse projects that are indicative of our considerable experience of high voltage systems, below is a list of these projects:
Cannington Terminal

Testing and commissioning two of three 100MVA Power transformers, capacitor banks and reactors.


Three Springs Terminal Testing and commissioning 330kV 490MVA Auto transformer and reactor banks.

Merredin Terminal

220kV Protection upgrade, tele-protection signalling and primary asset replacement.


Geraldton Port Authority

Load increase that required a complex runback scheme to be commissioned in order to reduce the risk of overloading two critical lines that supply the northwest corridor.

Oakley Terminal Pinjarra Removal of shared 330kV voltage transformer scheme and commission two new sets of voltage transformers within major customers outage window for Western Power.

Kwinana Power Station

Commission two 80MW generators, step-up Tx1&2, auxiliary Tx1&2 and 132kV busbar protection, primary plant and relay pre-commissioning testing.

Barrabin/Westonia Gold Mine

Major customer connection (Edna May Operations) and Merredin 66kV Protection upgrade for Western Power.

Stove Hill Road Substation

Commission 132kV Bay 6 Karratha Terminal and step-up Tx2 for the establishment of Karratha gas fired power station for Horizon Power.

West Kalgoorlie Terminal

Critical fault clearance upgrade for Western Power.

Mason Road Substation

Commission new 132/22kV Transformer and switch room, Kwinanna for Western Power.

Mornbah North Power Station

Commission 15 x 3MW gas combustion generators, step-up Tx1&2 and auxiliary Tx1&2 for Queensland for Energy Developments.


Uranquinty PowerStation

Wagga Wagga Commission one of three 200MW generators and step-up transformer.


Padbury/Southern River/Murdoch Substations

The establishment three 132/22kV Zone substations for Western Power.